What are your options in todays market?

There are many options in this market. The most important thing is to
know your rights and what exactly can you do in your current
I have been working with clients on short sales for over 6 years now.
There are some great resources and new laws passed.

I have 15 years of corporate negotiating experience.
I know how to get results working directly with your lender.
I will carefully listen to your needs and help you with your
current situation at no cost to you (my services are paid for by
the lender out of the lenders proceeds).
Inform you about loan modification, short sale, Deed in luei,
and foreclosure process.
It's important to understand the market condition and your
options. This website is strictly informational and a resource
tool. Please do your due diligence and research your options.
This website is full of great informational links. Contact me

—Lisa Stevens, RES Realty
Short Sale Queens
“Lisa really helped us out of bind.
We lost our job and had to sell our
home for less than what we owed
the lender. We bought another
house 6 months later”
The Spahr's
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